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Seating Capacity: 5-6
Price: $$$
Jets: 35
Dimensions: 84" x 84" x 36"
Spa Volume: 360 gal / 1363 liters
Lounge: Yes

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Using superior materials and expertise, the J-235™ hot tub offers a lounge seat, plus the quality and value backed by the Jacuzzi® Brand. This affordable and efficient model comfortably seats six adults and delivers high-performance hydrotherapy at a good value, with versatile Classic Jets.

J-235™ Hot Tub Specifications


Seating Capacity: 5-6

Dimensions:84" x 84" x 36"

Spa Volume: 360 gal / 1363 liters

Lounge: Yes

Filled Weight: 4554 lbs

Dry Weight: 718 lbs (347 kg)

Primary Pump: 2 speed, 2.5 continuous hp (4.5 brake hp*)

Secondary Pump: N/A

Circulation Pump: No

Diverter Valves: 0

Water Quality

Filtration: Classic

Filters: 1 - 50 sq ft filter (hydro)


North America: 240 VAC 60 Hz 40A, 50A or 60A

International: 230V 50 Hz @ 20A, 30A or 40A

Available Seating

J-235™ Ample Shoulder and Back Coverage

A cluster of strategic jets target key shoulder muscles while lower back jets deliver bold pressure.

J-235™ Lounge Seat

In the lounge seat, back, leg and foot jets deliver full-body relief.

J-200™ Collection Features

Using the same Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs intelligence put into tested jet placement, the J-200™ Collection delivers an enjoyable hydromassage.

J-200™ Open Seating

Wide variety of seating with Classic Jets offers complete hydromassage experience with tested jet placement.

CLEARRAY® Filtration

CLEARRAY® utilizes a 4-stage water filtration system keeps water clean and free of debris quickly using four stages: ProClear® Filter, ProCatch™ Filter Bag, surface skimmer, and a pleated filter.