Biodesign Pools


A Biodesign Beach Sculpted Pool is modeled with beaches and beach entries, customized submerged seating areas, and swimming zones – all personalized to your swimming needs and to the surrounding environment. The illusion of a truly beautiful beach entry can be created, and extended onto a patio area. This can be especially useful where impervious materials are restricted. We can create patios with porous materials that are exempt from impervious material limitations.


The heart of the entire Biodesign project is the construction process, which provides a coating of natural granulated stone created by hand over a structural net, all laid over an elastic waterproofing liner. The result: solid structural soundness and highly elastic waterproofing far superior compared to a traditional swimming pool. In addition, they can be formed in a wide range of spectacular colors that only natural stone like quartz can provide. These colors are capable of replicating exotic white sand atolls, the world’s most beautiful beaches, and even the green, of alpine lakes. The advantages of the Biodesign technology do not end here!


As the art of landscape design moves ever forward, so too has the in-ground pool. Today, homeowners can enjoy a much more natural swimming experience that blends in with the landscape, not juxtaposition to it. Leave your Biodesign pool open in winter and continue the fun or let it sit as a beautiful pond. Biodesign pools retain their beauty all year.


Nature should be respected as much as it is admired. Our respect for nature goes into every part of our pools. There are many characteristics that make Biodesign an innovative product, starting with its limited environmental impact, this allows the pool to fit harmoniously into the yard and look beautiful, without the use of reinforced concrete. Biodesign pools make more efficient use of resources (water, energy, raw materials) thus having a reduced impact on the environment for the entire life of the pool from production to installation to everyday use.

Construction Process

Molding of the excavation
Laying of a protective geotextile
Laying of the EPDM liner
Application of sand and resin coating


Garrett and Tara pool liners

Our vinyl liners not only offer versatility and affordability but also come with a green advantage. Unlike other pool options that rely on unsustainable materials, our vinyl liners are made with materials that are fully recyclable. By choosing our pool liners, you're not only investing in a beautiful and functional pool for your backyard, but you're also making a conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint. Enjoy your summer in style while doing your part for the environment with our vinyl liner pool packages!

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Have Questions?

There are several types of pools available for purchase, including in-ground pools (such as concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl liner pools) and above-ground pools (such as steel, aluminum, and resin pools). Each type has its own advantages and considerations, and we can help you choose the right one for your needs. Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs of Jonesboro only installs Biodesign swimming pools.

The process for buying a pool typically involves several steps. First, you’ll need to research and choose the type, size, and features of the pool you want. Then, you can request a quote from us and review it along with any financing options. Once you’re ready to proceed, we can schedule a site visit, finalize the design and contract, and set a timeline for installation. Our team will guide you through each step to ensure a smooth buying experience.

Pools require regular maintenance and care to keep them clean, safe, and functioning properly. This typically includes tasks such as cleaning the pool, balancing water chemistry, inspecting and maintaining pool equipment, and winterizing (if applicable). Our team can provide guidance on proper pool maintenance and recommend products or services to help you keep your pool in great condition.

Yes, installing a pool usually requires obtaining permits and approvals from local authorities. The requirements vary depending on your location and the type of pool you’re installing. Our team can assist you in understanding and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals to ensure your pool installation is compliant with local regulations.

The cost of a pool can vary greatly depending on factors such as the type of pool (in-ground or above-ground), size, materials, features, and location. It’s best to contact us for a customized quote tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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